🇫🇮 Schedule for WCEF17 available!


Three days full of interesting presentations, side events and great opportunities for networking in the beautiful capital of Finland. To be honest it is a pity that in the Boulevard Sessions you have to choose to attend one out of four because the line up is great.

In session one it would be difficult to decide between 17 Circular SMEs Meet the 17 SDGs and Innovation Challenges for the Circular Economy. On the one side numerous and various different examples of successful CE implementations and on the other hand expert insights on how innovation challenges can drive circular innovation by executives of H&M, IKEA, NESTA, and Novozymes (world leader in biological solutions). High class!

In session two it is an easy one for me Economic Research on the Circular Economy, including a discussion about ”How should we be measuring and studying the circular economy?” This is highly interesting! If you thinks so too, may check out the ‘Circularity Indicators Project‘ of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as well. In it they provided companies with a methodology and tools to assess how well a product or company performs in the context of a circular economy. And they even tested it by a group of leading European businesses with real product data.

Anyway, section three is also easy for me Future Technologies for the Circular Economy. Passionate about innovation and future developments this would be my place to be.

Which sessions would you attend?

Schedule for WCEF17 in Helsinki on 5-7 June 2017

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